Please note: The following guidelines are for use by book reviewers who have been commissioned by an IJMES book review editor. IJMES never accepts unsolicited book reviews.

If you have played any prepublication role for a book (e.g., reviewing for the press or offering advice), please recuse yourself from reviewing it for IJMES.

The review should be returned to the book review editor who assigned it, not to the central office. It must be sent as a Microsoft Word email attachment. The editorial office and publishers reserve the right to copyedit and proof all articles accepted for publication.

Suggestions for Writing a Book Review

A book review should evaluate the arguments of a book rather than repeat information readily available online. In other words, it should not be a chapter-by-chapter summary of a text, but rather a critical discussion of its theses, structure, and style that places the text within the context of scholarly literature. IJMES wants to hear your opinion, and expects reviews to be well written, lively, and engaging. Some themes to consider while writing a book review include:

• The persuasiveness of the author's thesis, originality, and theoretical framework
• The coherence and clarity of the author's presentation
• The soundness, accuracy, and thoroughness of the scholarship
• The effectiveness of the writing style and organization of the book
• The relevance and effectiveness of the source material in terms of the book's larger aims
• The book's place within and contribution to debates in a field or body of literature
• The audience for which the book would be most appropriate or useful
• The clarity and effectiveness of the author's use of footnotes, endnotes, and a bibliography
• The effectiveness of the inclusion of charts, maps, illustrations, etc.

In addition, readers should know whether or not you recommend the book.

Instructions for Preparation

A book review should not exceed four double-spaced pages. Pages should be numbered, and the manuscript should be double-spaced in 12-point font with 1" margins on all sides. It should not include headers or footers. Text starts flush left. All other paragraphs are indented.

The book review must contain the publication and reviewer data above the main text, using this format:

John Doe, The Title of the Book, Series Title (Place of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication). Pp. 364. $35.95 cloth, $16.95 paper.* ISBN.

Reviewed by Jane Doe, Department of Linguistics, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark.; email: jdoe@uark.edu.

Number of pages should include the preface—not Pp. xiv + 350 but Pp. 364. If the price is not clear on the review copy or accompanying material, it is acceptable to use the price given on the publisher's website.

At the end of the review, please type your name and e-mail address.

Reviews should not require notes. If any are absolutely necessary, please see the IJMES Endnotes Guidelines for instructions.

For anything not mentioned above, please follow the IJMES Style Guide and Transliteration Guide. (Book reviews do not follow all the same style rules as articles. Where there is a conflict, the instructions on this page prevail.)



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