In each issue, IJMES reviews about twenty-five scholarly monographs and selected edited volumes. In most cases, we only review books published in the last three years. The journal does not accept unsolicited book reviews nor do we consider recommendations for specific individuals to review specific books. When we receive a review copy of a relevant book from the publisher, we assign it to our most appropriate book review editor, who then commissions the review from a scholar in the field.

If you are interested in reviewing books for IJMES, please send a curriculum vitae to ijmes.editor@cambridge.org with your areas of interest at the top. We will forward this to the relevant book review editor.

If you have been commissioned by an IJMES book review editor to review a book, please see our Book Review Guidelines.

If you are a publisher, please send review copies of relevant books to the following address. Do not send review copies to our volunteer book review editors. This will only delay the review process and increase the chances of the book getting lost, since all review copies must be processed and assigned to the correct editor by the editorial office.

Gillian Mahoney
Assistant Book Review Editor
International Journal of Middle East Studies
Department of History
Box 8108
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8108

IJMES relies on publishers to send us review copies of new books in a timely fashion, since the process of commissioning, producing, and editing reviews can be lengthy. We do not actively solicit books from publishers.

Relevant books are scholarly monographs and collections concerning the area encompassing the Arab world, Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Israel, Transoxiana, and Muslim South Asia from the seventh century to the present. Books on Middle East communities or politics in other regions of the world, or on relations between those regions and the Middle East, are also considered. Please note that IJMES does not, except in very rare cases, review autobiographies, memoirs, fiction, reference books, reprints, or revised editions. We occasionally review edited volumes if the editor determines that a collection has an especially timely, clear, and coherent theme. IJMES will consider reviewing original scholarly monographs written in any European or Middle Eastern language, as well as English translations of scholarly works written in any language.



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