1. What are the strengths of this manuscript?
  2. What did you understand as the main thing the article is trying to accomplish? Do you think it succeeds in the task it sets for itself?
  3. Is the manuscript based on appropriate sources and original primary research? Is the scholarship sound? Would it be useful to scholars specializing in its particular area(s) of focus?
  4. Does the manuscript have a strong analytical/theoretical frame? Are its arguments important, new, compelling? Do you think it would be of interest to the broad, interdisciplinary community of scholars who read IJMES?
  5. Does the article engage, implicitly or explicitly, with current scholarly debates? If so, is its engagement with the existing literature productive, insightful, and fair?
  6. Overall, does it make a valuable contribution to the field? Would you recommend it to colleagues?
  7. How would you evaluate the writing style?
  8. What revisions could you suggest to help the author improve the manuscript?

Last updated: 15 May 2012



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